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The Rule of 1% | A Video

Are Your Customers Raving About Your Service?


Do a great job for others and they tell 10 people!

Do a lousy job...they tell 100 people!!!

What do you want others to say about your service?

7 simple thoughts:

  1. Answer your phone, leave messages and have a professional voicemail too!

  2. The Best Order to follow-up? Call, then text, the email! (not only one method)

  3. Follow-up right away; when they call, while you're servicing them and after the sale!

  4. Send a "Thank You" Note after the sale! Take about 2 minutes to make 1000's!$!

  5. The Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!

  6. See #4!!

  7. Make sure your teams follow steps 1-6!!!!

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