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The Top Performer Checklist

17 Things All Top Producers Do to Dominate in Everything They Do

Have you ever wondered what separates high-level performers who always seem to be on the winning side of the fence in literally everything they do, from those who deliver mediocre, lackluster results and can’t ever seem to make it to the top?

If so, this checklist is for you

I’ve invested time as coach and competitor in many different arenas to work with, interview and analyze top performers.

From business owners, top salespeople, and sports to determine exactly what makes these people tick and deliver such superb results.

People like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Pete Sampras and yes… my brother David.

These people are the “cream of the crop” for good reason, and this checklist will help you replicate their success in your life and business.

Now? Click it...Watch it... Believe it... Do it... Review it...Rinse it and Repeat it!

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